Our Tale


Tales for Two set off in the Autumn of 2012, when Martin (guitar/piano/programming) and Ben (vocals/piano) decided to create a new offspring after collaborating in previous projects. This started out as a band with full instrumentation and multiple vocals. However, after journeying for almost a year, and recording 4 initial tracks as a full band in the winter of 2012/2013 (Bonham, Rise and Shine, Roll Over and D song), the continuing struggle to recruit, organise, filter and process musicians culminated in a rethink.

As a result Tales for Two went from many to 2. In this current form, we are looking to write, record, collaborate, and hopefully find musicians and artists to expand the musical collective.



To pursue the avoidance of silence, we offer a range of sounds and ideas. There’s the initial band material, some electronic dabblings, and several originals as well as covers, recorded just with a high energy guitar, layered with powerful, strong vocals.

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